Unifi Internet Usages In The Right Format

Unifi Internet

Notwithstanding an actual connection, there must likewise be a consistent connection of the organized frameworks. The last is created by explicit organization conventions, such as the TCP convention (Transmission Control Protocol, in a real sense transmission control convention). Visit Unifi Internet for the best results.

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What services are hosted in an IT infrastructure?

Here is a series of non-exhaustive examples of what can host an IT infrastructure.

Application tools

These are the software s (or Application s IT s) to attend one or more persons in an activity, enabling them to perform a task given. This includes, in particular, website designers, accounting, and finance software, payroll management, or even ERP, CRM, etc.

Unifi Internet

The webserver

Depending on the context, the term web server can refer to software or hardware components, or to software and hardware components that work together.

At the hardware component level, a web server is a computer that stores the files that make up a website (e.g. HTML documents, images, CSS stylesheets, JavaScript files) and sends them to the device. the user who visits the site. This computer is connected to the Internet and can usually be accessed through a domain name.

At the software component level, a web server contains various fragments that control how users can access hosted files. You will find at least an HTTP server, that is to say, software that understands the  URLs and the HTTP protocol   (the protocol used by the browser to display web pages).

In practice, each time a browser needs a file hosted on a web server, the browser requests the file via the HTTP protocol (it is said to send a request). When the request reaches the correct web server (hardware), the HTTP server ( software ) sends back the requested document, always using the same protocol.


A database is a set of data organized for use by programs corresponding to application-specific. A database makes it possible to store and retrieve raw data or information, often related to a theme or an activity. These data can be of different types and more or less linked to each other.

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