Mindful Grocery Shopping During The Pandemic 

It’s 2021 and today, we have never been more conscious of our own behavior in grocery shopping. As consumers, we have shifted a huge part of our grocery shopping experience to an online mode. It has become hard to keep up with constant lockdowns and shutdowns of grocery shops every once in a while.

Not to mention, the early closing times and restricted shopping time. Nothing like limited time and closing physical distance between one another to shift us to a total digital medium. 

Our priority was to remain safe and sound in our homes as we shop and do fresh grocery delivery Malaysia. But of course, sometimes staying home gets a little too suffocating, no matter how fun the online shopping experience. No amount of promotional coupons and discounts can keep us from getting the in-store experience when it’s open and available.

While it is advised to avoid going to grocery stores amid the pandemic, many still go to the store itself for their shopping. Some people don’t have access to mobile applications, others don’t have reliable and steady internet to do online shopping. Also, people would rather shop for fresh groceries after reviewing them in the shop and they also feel that the product opportunities are better when shopping in the physical store. Keeping these influences in mind, let’s find a way to make the grocery shopping experience a more cautious and mindful one during the pandemic! 

Plan Your Grocery List 

One of the first mistakes we make is going all out on grocery hauls when we don’t have a proper plan or even a list. A list is important for our grocery shopping. It is based on the planned meals of the week and even the month. It helps us notice what is missing in our pantries and what our refrigerator needs for the coming days.

In the pandemic, we cannot do two to three rounds to the grocery shop or even the local supermarket. We need to bulk purchase and stock up while we can to minimize any outside contact. A grocery list can help us keep track of our budget while we also safely take precautions to avoid going out as much fr grocery runs. 

Look Out For Healthier Products And Alternatives 

Pandemic means we are stuck in the comfort of our home with little to no movement or exercise. We no longer have to walk to work or school or the university. With our movements cut down, we need to take a good look at what we consume.

A healthier diet during the pandemic is essential to boosting our metabolism and immune system. Nothing like five portions of fruits and vegetables to keep the doctors and deadly viruses away! So when shopping online or shopping in the physical store, make sure to get healthy products, ditch the pre-packed meals and look out for alternatives to our sugar cravings. 

Skip The Cart 

The biggest problem many faced with our diet during the pandemic is uncontrolled eating. With no more social hangouts or other outside world factors to distract us, we are left with the food in front of us. Many have indulged in overeating because of boredom and hunger and eventually put our bodies through the turmoil of a messed-up metabolism, bloating, and excessive weight gain.

One little thing we can do to ensure we are not getting too much unnecessary food to our home is to ditch the shopping cart. A shopping cart is bigger and it influences us to keep stocking up the cart. Either we use our hands or a simple handbasket for the shopping experience to get the right quantity and portion of food. 

Impulse grocery shopping and purchases can still happen no matter how cautious and mindful we are of our actions. Studies suggest that dopamine, a neurochemical associated with happiness, pleasure, and satisfaction is related to our grocery shopping experience, hence the way we behave at grocery stores. Let’s take it one day at a time to be a better grocery shopper! 

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