Earn Money Online with these Amazing Companies

Earn Money Online with these Amazing Companies

Earning money through online resources is getting famous in Malaysia as everyone loves to earn some extra cash. Some of the students love online jobs as they can easily manage their working hours with their studies. There are many different ways to earn money with the help of the internet such as Freelancing, Youtube, Blogging, Date Entry, Review writing, etc. In today’s article, we will let you know about some amazing companies which will pay you money to test different websites. To earn money, one just has to test the given website and give honest feedback. Down below we have mentioned some of the top-paying companies for you. 

  1. UserInput.io:

With this company, one can earn up to 10 dollars for testing a website. After testing the website, one has to write honest and detailed feedback about the website and send it to UserInput.io to get paid. People with good analysis can make a good amount of money through this job.

  1. TryMyUI.com:

On TryMyUI.com, one can easily test a website or app just by being himself. One only has to test websites with honest opinions and reviews.  One only has to write his mind, what he thinks about the app or website, and experience with the app or website. One can easily earn 10 dollars per average 20 minutes test. 

  1. Analysia.com:

Analysia.com is also one of the best-paying companies for testing and giving feedback. With this company, one can easily earn up to 10 dollars to test a website and write a review. Analysia.com will provide you the website first and then after getting the feedback. 

  1. Nest.TestBirds.com:

On Nest.TestBirds.com, one is compensated pretty well. However, the payment can sometimes be unreliable as it requires working multiple jobs to get a payment. On Nest.TestBirds, several jobs are quick, easy, and take roughly around 5 to10 minutes to complete for $10 per each job. 

  1. TestingTime.com:

This company payment varies from review to review and expertise of the tester. TestingTime.com can pay the expert websites testors up to 50 dollars. It is one of the highest paying companies for this kind of job. 

  1. EnrollApp.com:

With EnrollApp.com, one can get pay once per month. On EnrollApp.com, one only needs $1 in his account to get a payout. Therefore, it is pretty easy to see something from EnrollApp.com every month provided one gets enough tests. One can only withdraw money from EnrollApp.com through Paypal as it is the only method of payment used by them.

  1. Validately.com:

Validately.com payments vary between 5 dollars to 25 dollars. It depends on the level of your expertise and how much you will get paid on Validately.com. The company offers a reasonable price. The level of your feedback writing will decide your pay.

  1. Test.io:

Test.io is one of the highest paying companies for testing websites. With Test.io, one easily earns up to 50 dollars per review. But again, it depends on the level of your expertise in this very particular field. If you are an expert in testing websites and giving detailed, honest, and logical reviews about the website, you will get the best price on Test.io.

  1. WhatUserDo.com:

WhatUserDo.com may not be your favorite company if you want to earn big money as it only pays around 5 dollars per review. But it is a good way to start your part-time career in a particular field. You can learn how to test a website and give feedback by practicing on WhatUser.Do.com. 

  1. UserFeel.com:

This company pays one around 10 dollars per test and feedback. With UserFeel.com, one can easily get 10 dollars per review.  Try your best to write honest and analytical feedback for the company to look professional and knowledgeable. 

  1. Userlytics.com:

With Userlyticscom, you can earn 10 dollars per test if you are an expert then you earn up to 20 dollars. On Userlytics, some of the projects pay as much as $90 for having fun expressing opinions while writing analytical reviews about the websites. 

To use all these companies to earn, one needs a fast internet connection in his office or home. Apply Time fibre Malaysia if you are a resident of Malaysia and get the experience of the fastest speed internet, especially with the Time internet plan in Malaysia. Online jobs are best as one can decide his working hours according to his mood and can even take holidays with the need to inform anyone. 

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