Noun: Food. Verb: Eat food enthusiastically or greedily: “you can nosh to your heart’s content”;
“noshing my favorite food”.
Synonyms: food – chow – grub

NOSH began as a very simple idea. The idea flourished from one woman’s passion for food. Judith Sakata is one seasoned pro who knows her cuisine. With an impressive CV and over a decade in the business, Nosh is the brainchild that aims to get tongues wagging and purring with delicious satisfaction.

The NOSH Culture

Good things happen when equally passionate people come together. That’s certainly true in the case of NOSH, with Judith and her team of chefs, pastry chefs and other members of staff working together to create the best a kitchen can produce for your dining pleasure. The NOSH food journey begins with the strong family-oriented bond shared between culinary artists and adventurers.